Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The photo that is MONTHS in the making...

Trying to gather this lot in one place at one time is like trying to get a photo of all the ants in an ants nest, it seems to be almost nigh on impossible. BUT, I finally did it! We went on a ride on the weekend and almost everyone was there... SO, here it is, our MC Family Photograph! 
What started out as a small MC back in February, has been through many changes in it's time of being open and active. Faces have come and gone, but those who have joined us are fun and bring new ideas that helped to drag the MC in new directions and into pastures new. We have a great team around us now, and the MC has brought my new kids into my life - both Kenz and Liquid are now members of the group - and my big sister Juli, as well as a whole heap of biker brothers and sisters.
Now, here's the sales pitch... If you have ever thought about joining or are even remotely interested in bikes in SL, this group of people - probably not me by the way - would be a great group to teach you the basics, and have a fun time with you whilst doing so... If you would be interested please feel free to contact me and I will see how we can arrange something! Anyone is welcome, from seasoned bikers, to complete novices...

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