Thursday, December 12, 2013

Missing the Monday Memes already!

Poor Berry, she is not well - and the time of the year when everyone starts getting busy preparing for family events and the like is almost upon us. I know that I will certainly be busy for a while as RL draws me out into the cold and I am expected to dress up all pretty like! Trust me that is a feat in itself LOL... Normally I avoid things like make-up like I would avoid the plague! So for a while, at least until the new year, the Monday Memes will be on a mini hiatus!
This does mean that when I get the chance to blog I am going to have to start thinking for myself again, means I have nothing to push me and I am afraid to say, it means that you will be forced to endure reading some inane ramblings for a while hehe...Though I promise I will try to have some pretties to share!
This is one of those pretties, and as much as I love the photo I am sad to say it isn´t one that I took LOL... Not sad because well I get a freaking gorgeous photo out of it, but sad in that I don´t have this level of skill to create something this beautiful.
My daughter Kenzee - our pretend bad girl, biker chick baby - was there with me recently at my sister Juli´s wedding, and while I was tearing my hair out taking pictures of the happy couple, she was taking secret ninja paparazzi photos of me!
Her photos are beautiful, I never knew I could look that gorgeous... She on the other hand seems to think otherwise, telling me "It captured the essence of you lol. Beautiful. Coy. Sweet and sassy. I like it" - which by the way is a direct quote from Kenz...
After all the not so prettiness that I have been feeling and going though these past few weeks, a picture like this, that catches me looking gorgeous just took my breath away a little... What a surprise this was!!! 
Thank you Kenz, Momma loves her pretty picture!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Mint 
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item) 
Eyes: IKON - Horizon Eyes in Dark Verdigris 
Piercings: (Skeleton Hands) Death Row Designs - mouthpiercing (Past Hunt Prize), AND, Cute Poison - Fallen Piercing  
Dress: Rebel Hope - Fabria Dress in Tuxedo Gown Special Edition  

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  1. Your ramblings aren't not inane at all and that picture is just stunning. You look beautiful. <3