Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Wedding of Juli and Rodder

The good thing about Christmas holidays is you have time to work on stuff that you haven't had time for when you're stuck working - like this set of wedding photos I was asked to work on...
A couple of weeks ago now my big sister Juli got married to her fiance Rodder... The wedding had been shrunk in size from the epicly astronomical proportions that it might have originally achieved, but that didn't stop the wedding from being one of the nicest that I have experienced in my SL...
Juli and Rodder make the perfect couple - they are both fun and friendly people, yet they both have one of those 'don't take crap from anyone' kinda mentalities... Juli is the one that is outwardly scary lol, when she's pissed people know! Rodder on the other hand has always seemed the silently, watching type - I bet when he gets mad he has a scary big boy voice though?! - but together that seems to work and they compliment each other brilliantly. PLUS, I have never met two people who seem to effervesce and sparkle as much as these two do when they are around each other.
Now when Juli told me she was getting married, I was immediately drafted in to help. I not only had to be the one to calm her nerves and stop her becoming a Bridezilla, I had to help HellBone out with writing a speech and getting a suit... That was until she asked me to help Rodder and herself out by being their photographer.
I panic at being asked to take someone's photo anyway, but a whole wedding? A set of photos that will be a memory of that day for ever! I had nightmares before the big day, on the big day during the ceremony my PC was on the verge of dying on me and I was ready to throw HellBone from his own, and then working through them and editing them after the event I was back to having nightmares again!
Still they are done... I will be posting some of my favourites on Flickr, but for now... A little collection and a huge heap of love to Juli and Rodder - I love you guys, thank you for trusting me with something so important!

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