Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In the rain for a Wedding!

Not mine before anyone asks, my big sister Juli and Brother-in-Law Rod are finally tying the knot on Saturday. She asked me if I could help her out by taking a photo for their invitations... How could I say no?! 
The final picture worked out better than I had thought it might... I always worry a little when someone asks me to take a picture for them, especially when it is for one that is going to be used in this way, but after much stressing about lighting, rain effects - thanks to HellBone's ultimate weather system that I will be talking about later on in another post - and finding just the right pose. The pose I found was one from Magnifique Poses - available on the Marketplace - and it was perfect for the rainy shot that Julz wanted. Well OK originally she wanted snow, but I said no to the snow LOL... I couldn't have pulled a look off like this in the snow and I am so glad we stuck with rain instead... There is nothing more romantic to me than cuddling up in the rain hehe...

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