Friday, March 15, 2013

Nomine Fantasy at the Skin Fair 2013

I got very, very, very lucky recently. Some how - I think due to my little sister Morgana - I managed to end up being in the right group at the right time and was allowed in early to this year's Skin Fair. There are some amazing skins to come out of the fair this year - skins that will be an upgrade, skins with a twist and even some fantasy skins which if you know me were flashing at me like a big beacon! 
I will admit that I've been watching some of the coverage of the fair, through the bloggers that I follow, but to me it seems that the fantasy skin designers aren't getting the coverage that they really deserve. I LOVE some of the human skins, and drooled over a few, but the fantasy skins in their range of almost lollipop candy colours were something I simply couldn't resist. 
Munchflower Zaius, of Nomine, allowed me to be one of her bloggers for the event - you had to apply to individual stores, boy was I nervous in doing so, I seriously didn't think I was good enough LOL - and although I tried taking pictures in a photograph type setting, I ended up in front of a white screen! 
First to be shown off, the Aether Skins... Colour fade to white skins for an alternative Demonic look. I love the jewel tones to these skins, as well as the simplicity of the eye and lip make-up so as not to detract from the 6 different fading colours.
Next up, the Mermaids! These are purely and simply put, GORGEOUS! Available in 6 different colours, these mermaids come with a host of things included. Sparkly and non-sparkly skins, with and without tail scales, prim parts for the tail AND animations, I couldn't resist playing around as the little mermaid for a while. 
Lastly, my absolute favourite from Nomine - the Chameleons! These skins in their 6 different colours are TOTALLY GORGEOUS and I would recommend them to everyone - try a demo, don't just take my word for it! With these skins, you by the basic colour - a white skin for example - but the design on the body can then be altered by editing your appearance and playing with LL's colour slider on the skin! BRILLIANT HUH? 
Now I will admit that this is much more of a fashion style post than normal, but I guarentee that these will be seen again somewhere in the future. For now though I just had to show them off in the clearest way possible - yes they are small here, they will be clearer on my Flickr Photostream so please check them out there... For anyone who loves to create fantasy characters and wear skins that are far from human, you will definitely want to try the demos of these... 
Skin fair is over 2 sims this year, and there is a whole host of designers taking part... Maybe it's time you had a skin update? Skin Fair Sim 1 and Skin Fair Sim 2

What is she wearing; 
Picture 1:
Hair: Tekeli-Li – Pnath 

Skins: Nomine – Aether (available at Skin Fair 2013) 
Eyes: Sterling Artistry - GrimmEyes in Big Bad Wolf 
Swimsuit: Acid & Mala – Hole Clothing Swimsuit in Black 
Pose: STaTUS – Bollywood 5 
Picture 2:
Hair: Analog Dog - Clarity in Punch 

Eyes: Nomine – Melusine Mermaid (Part of the Mermaid set from Skin Fair 2013) 
Skins & Tails: Nomine – Mermaids (Available at Skin Fair 2013)
Necklace: Celoe - Secrets Necklace 
Top: Evie's Closet - Lumina Nymph in Green Drape Top 
Poses: (CLOSE-UPS) STaTUS - Bollywood 4, AND, (FULL BODY) PURPLE POSES - Mermaid
Picture 3:
Hair: Griddie - 89 in Various Colours (NO LONGER AVAILABLE!)
Skins: Nomine - Chameleon Skins (Available at Skin Fair 2013)

Eyes: Body Contour - Beastial Eyes in Icy (NO LONGER AVAILABLE!)
Duct-Tape: League - Duct Tape Set in Black 

Pose: STaTUS - Bollywood 5

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  1. Great post, you do Nomine plenty of justice for having chosen you to blog :) I really love that chameleon skin, even though it's not in my colours - but I'm still confused how the colour change works. I've messed around with the SL skin sliders and those jewel tones in more than one shade just don't look possible... does the demo let you try this? The mermaids are gorgeous too but I already have some fabulous mer skins and these aren't my colours, plus I doubt I could afford them with the tail too - but how much are they? >.>