Tuesday, March 12, 2013

7 Facts About Rudh!

Saw the challenge popping up in Flickr when I logged in from work this morning, and as I love a challenge - and let's face it being honest I do miss the colour challenge still, should have started the twisted colour challenge - this seemed like something that I would be destined to join in with...
Started by Strawberry Singh - although I found it through the blog of the gorgeous Lianne Boomhauer, the challenge is based on the idea of sharing 7 facts about your avatar or SL that people may or may not know... A Challenge called My 7 SL Facts Meme!
Hmmm 7 facts about me and my SL... This should be easy...
So my list of 7 facts...
1 - I have and no doubt always will wear the same No Mod Shape. If you've read my blog for any length of time you will have heard the saga of my no mod shape, but for those of you that haven't - in a nutshell - I was bought my shape when I first started SL over 6 years ago, and I grew to love my face so much that now no other shape will ever be someone that looks like Rudh... Trust me it gets on my nerves when it comes to buying clothing!
2 - I have never had an alt. I know so many people that have had or still have multiple avatars, the thought of it makes me go a little crazy. I've spent so much time creating my Rudh dolly in the way that I want it that having to start from scratch would scare me a little!
3 - I owe my RL relationship to SL. Hell and I met in SL and have been together now for over 3 years, I even packed up my comfy life in England and moved to be with him in Holland! So to me at least, we've proved that SL to RL relationships do work, and work well!
4 - I don't understand why people want certain RL things in SL... For example TOILETS! Even worse, we once had a neighbour in SL that had a WASHING MACHINE AND DRYER... Seriously if it wasn't torture enough in RL to do your laundry, you can now do it in SL too... Sorry but there is no way in heck I want to be reminded of my RL household chores in the place I come to escape them! 
5 - I have an addiction to Gachas, I simply cannot pass one by without peeking at the things they contain, but I have now made it a rule that I will not play on one if I only want a specific item... They just become too expensive to do that otherwise! (BTW - The Arcade doesn't count in that rule, for there it's no rules apply kamikaze gacha playing!)
6 - I feel naked without my piercings. These will change from time to time, but I do tend to wear the same ones for a long while before I switch, and I feel naked - totally exposed - if I am without them. 
7 - Although I try to remain calm, I always get a little fan girlie on the inside - though usually on the outside in RL too - whenever I meet designers or bloggers I admire for the first time. Weird part is I know that they are people and are just doing something they enjoy, like I do with my blog, but I admire their talents, have a warehouse full of stuff with their names on it (in the case of designers anyway) and yet there they are standing in front of me looking like a real person LOL... 

There you go, now you know a little more about me, and you get to see the oh-so-photogenic look of my Barbie Doll in her oh-so-glamourous mug shot... Now I can't wait to learn more about the people that I love to read the blogs of every day... Thanks Strawberry for setting this up!!! 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Piper 
Skin: Sugar - Ink in Tone 3 Dark Brows 
Eyes: IKON - Horizon Eyes in Dark Verdigris 
Eyelashes: LeLutka - 2011 lashes/curl 
Face Piercing: SHOCK - Kiss My Spikes in Zebra (Available now at the Depraved Nation 'Luck of the Irish' Gacha Event
Corset Piercing: Cute Poison - Neck Corset Piercing 
Star Piercing: [annaA] - Pierced Chest Branding "Star" (Available now at XYRoom
Top: Paradisis - Falls top in Grey


  1. When I first started SL I was given a no mod shape by a friend and I was so attached to him, but eventually after about 6 months I realized I was having a lot of problems fitting into dresses and such because of the shape of the body that I really needed to change it. It took me so many months to get used to my new shape, I hated the way I looked for so long. And still till this day, I think about that shape and sometimes I'll even break it out and put it on. It's funny how attached we get to things in this virtual world. Anyhow, thanks for participating, it was great to read more about you! <3

  2. "Kamikaze gacha playing" = best SL phrase ever :-).

    Thanks for sharing -- I don't understand the basins, sinks, toilets in SL either!

  3. You been picked up for "walking" SL streets again???? Shame on you Rudh! But I like the 7 facts, no's 3 and 4 I totally agree with. Nice to learn some things about your alter ago too!

  4. Had to laugh at nr 4! Totally agree with that one :)

  5. Fistbump for fan girlie. I get the same way! I swear sometimes I feel like preening a bit if a blogger or designer actually speaks to or responds back to me in a way other than answering a product issue question!

  6. Your to funny sweetheart, love your writing, and I agree with number 4! xoxo