Saturday, March 30, 2013

Don't Go Hunting For Witches During Horror Haute!

March Horror Haute has been active for a few days now, but due to my RL circumstances what with me being stuck in hospital I have a list of things waiting to be blogged and because I am still feeling fairly fragile so blogging isn't one of my top priorities right now. Though today I have found some time to sit behind my computer and put together a look or two for this month's round of Horror Haute! 
First up this look with the motto - "Don't go hunting for witches in the garden during Horror Haute" - they leave their cages all over the place for unsuspecting living dead girls like Rudh to just stumble into. Personally I blame the talking mushroom that was spouting some random gibberish - a lot like my blog posts then - but the cage itself was too pretty to avoid too... The cage is the white version offered by Nevermore for this months Horror Haute, and I love the fact that it is simple, understated and yet stuffed full of 24 poses. The fact that I took this photo and then made a comparison to the fact that I was stuck in a hospital room for the last four days and that had been a little cage like at times, wasn't something that came up until I'd created the final photo... Neither was the fact that I hadn't really been allowed to have coffee during my period in the hospital either, so this top from The Little Bat really did match my mood on that too... Funny what you notice you've done without realising it sometimes?! 
By now you should also know that I love the crazy and dead sort of things, so even though it isn't too clear I am wearing the Zombie Suicide Scar to complete my crazed, caged girl look... I thought that it should be made more obvious, so I've created a simple "look at it" picture too so that you don't miss seeing this cute scar! 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: BC322 - Prasline Lolita (Past Hunt Gift) 
Skin: Anymore - Kimmi in Blood 
Scar: Zombie Suicide - Face Scar 1 (HORROR HAUTE MARCH) 
Face Piercing: SHOCK - Kiss My Spikes in Zebra 
Collar: ezura Xue - MAI Gothic Spiked Leather Collar 
Star Piercing: [annaA] - Pierced Chest Branding "Star" 
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver 
Top: The Little Bat - Need Coffee Mesh Sweater (HORROR HAUTE MARCH) 
Skirt: SAKIDE - Silk Tutu Skirt in White 
Boots: J's - Studded Long Boots in Black 
Cage: Nevermore - Corvus in Snow (HORROR HAUTE MARCH) 

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