Sunday, March 31, 2013

Addicted To Shoes With A Twist...

I love Shoes... There is no doubt about it, I LOVE Shoes and have a collection to rival Imelda Marcos stashed away neat and tidily in my SL warehouse wardrobe. 
Granted I will often be seen wearing the same shoes day in day out, and I like anyone can't be blamed for having my favourites, yet when a pair of shoes with a slight novelty aspect land in my field of view I get all giddy like a school girl with a crush. 
These Ouija Board Shoes were created by Distorted Dreams for the March round of Horror Haute and they immediately grabbed my attention. I love seeing the different kinds of shoes that people wear, and will be found drooling over all different kinds ranging from the uber-popular to the down right wacky, and these were a pair of shoes that really tickled my fancy.
I love them - the Ouija board designs for the upper textures, with the hugely chunky wooden stacked bases and the brass coloured spikes and buckles, these shoes got me all excited. I KNEW I would be talking about them here... I did want to take a fancy photo modelling them in world, but I couldn't seem to get a shot that let them stand out on their own so a plain simple shot was best for now! 
I also wanted to send a quick thank you to Jacinda Bravin - owner of Distorted Dreams - for her brilliant "customer" service... Technically as I was sent these in a blogger group I can't really qualify as a customer but when I contacted her with an issue regarding these shoes, she responded promptly and was very friendly and helpful. It's  wonderful to be treated in such a way... 
These shoes will DEFINITELY be coming out of my wardrobe more often... I wonder if the living dead girl in me can use them to make calls? They'd possibly be a new kind of cell phone for the dead? 

What is she wearing; 
Skin: Nomine - Nephilim Skin in Bone Bouncer 
Shoes: Distorted Dreams - Spirit Calling Boots (HORROR HAUTE MARCH) 
Pose: STATUS - Travel 1

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