Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dragons Born at Gauze

Skin Fair has been open a couple of days now, and what a good fair it is turning out to be... There are so many gorgeous skins, I am going to have trouble choosing the ones I like, yet back before it opened when the bloggers were allowed to run free I stumbled upon the booth of Gauze.
Part of me had already made up my mind that I would be looking more for fantasy skins, as I guess I just kind of felt more than a little confused by the amount of human skins and felt dazed by all the different ones available, yet my mind was made up by two stores - Nomine (who I featured previously) and Gauze.
The Dragon Born skins from Gauze looked gorgeous on the advertisement posters, but when I put one on I was more surprised than anything and actually gasped out loud. The skins are available in four different tones - Dark Orchid (Purple), Sea Witch (Green), Quartz Drows (Silver) and Rust (pictured above) - with each skin tone available in male and female shapes. Yet it is not only the skins, you get these amazing - and tintable - full body tattoos that are reminiscent of the markings and scales I'd imagine you'd see on an ancient dragon. Considering my family-line in SL, it's not hard to see why I was drawn to this set of markings, but what made me smile even more is that these markings looked great on other skins, including my usual human skins... A dragon in hiding perhaps? Maybe not... Yet these skins and markings really did make me smile and feel more than a little bit happy! 
I loves the angle of this photo too though, the back of Rudh is something so rarely looked at LOL, yet the markings that run down the spine were too beautiful to leave out of a picture. I know I seem like I am gushing with compliments about this specific creation for Skin Fair, but it really does strike me as one of those things that simply has to be complimented, and why not when something makes me feel this good?! It is definitely worth trying on a demo! These skins are currently only available at Skin Fair 2013, and there are two sims full of skins to tickle your skin fetishes... Skin Fair Sim 1 and Skin Fair Sim 2, don't miss out!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum - Death of a Goddess 
Skin: [Gauze] - Dragon Born in Rusts worn with a tintable Tattoo Layer (Available now at Skin Fair 2013) 
Seat: H C Creations - Tree Trunk Caladium 
Pose: EMBODY - Meditation 5

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  1. You look beautiful as an emerging dragon! You have inspired me to try something different!