Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Favourite Places: PLOOM!

I am a self-proclaimed Ploom Hair Whore, and so I figured that the next place I posted about would be Ploom... 
The store, owned by Helyanwe Vindaloo, is the follow on from the very successful Deviant Kitties, a place I used to frequent in my early days in SL...
Inside the main entrance to the Ploom store
Helyanwe, has made and continues to make some of my favourite hairstyles in my SL inventory, wigs which come out time and time again. I personally think that this is due to the variation of styles that she has created... Colourwise I prefer to stick in the black tones, yet now due to the really easy to use HUD, streaking the hair with hairdye has become simple and efficient and I have to say without Ploom it is likely that Rudh would be BALD hehe!

PLUS, this week I finally learnt how to use Slide, something that has come in useful on other blogs I have been reading recently, and thanks to the help of Miss Maya, I too can (I HOPE) use it. For a test run, cross your fingers and here are some of the reasons that I love Ploom Hair... 

Where will we end up next on the tour of Rudh's favourite places? Who knows?!


  1. yeeeeaaahh ... it worked ;-)
    and my absolut fav ....Bride of Frankenstein ;-)
    ... so cool

  2. OMG nice hair! I've never been to Ploom, sure looks like a great store!

  3. *gasps trying to get breath* LISA OMG HON YOU ARE MISSING OUT lol!!!! Get thee fair tushy there fast love!!!