Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Favourite Places: HOME!

I never wanted this blog to be about clothing as a main focus, it seems to have become a bit like that as I have done a lot of posting for the 52 Weeks of Colour challenge but not a lot of anything else... So I have decided that every now and then I will be posting about places, be they interesting locations or stores, that I highly rate and giving details, possibly with links to get you there *gasps* I know it is shocking that I would be willing to try and link to SL, I mean I have posted a lot now and only just realised I can link to other people's blogs lol... 

So first stop on my favourite places tour: HOME... It is a natural place for me to start as it is a place I spend a large majority of my time... 

House within the Grounds of the BoneCrusher
The house stands within the Grounds of the BoneCrusher, a beautiful but dead garden full of dark trees and evil inhabitants, as a creation of HellBone. Alongside this Remus Lykin, Pack Leader of Loups de la Lune, has allowed his green fingers to create the Grounds of the Werewolf, a space that his crooked house (once a feature of Harry Potter stories) has been magically transported to. The Order of the Gold Dragon even has a presence within the garden as the throne of Dragon Queen Fledhyris is hidden away in a deep cave. 
I love this space, it provides me with somewhere to relax, somewhere for inspiration and somewhere to just be with people I care about... It is my dressing room and my play space... It is even where I hide my love of cuteness (which has been known to scare the family), especially my fairy garden; 
A fairy garden hidden deep within the garden to hide my secret addiction to girly cuteness...
Where will we end up next time on my tour of my favourite places, who knows... wanna come along for the ride?

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