Friday, December 3, 2010

Whatever Next?

On Monday SL was in the habit all day of forgetting who I am... Today I tried on a new tattoo layer and this happened... 
Disintegrating into NOTHINGNESS!!!

Whatever is gonna happen next? Will it be turning Rudh into Jello, like the GooGirls made by Pama? Will it be transforming me into some strange avatar shape, like the ones seen on Fledge or HellBone? WHO KNOWS... All I can say is that it had better stop happening as tomorrow is colour change over day, and not one but TWO important things are happening... Will leave it there and fill you in tomorrow! LOL can't wait can ya?


  1. /me grins ... looks almost as if you put the tattoo on the alpha layer ... lol
    but at least you have bits of your skin left ... I've seen quite a few ppl lately who exist of prims only and the rest is big nothing ...
    ... and that way SL never gets boring ;-)
    love 'n' hugs

  2. EEEEH you're the wicked witch of the west!!! "I'm melting, I'm meeeeeeelting!" lol always knew it muahahaha! ;p

    It's pretty weird but do you remember that bug Snoodle had where people on her screen looked like melting crucified waxworks? Now that was CREEPY.