Monday, November 29, 2010


SL seems to have forgotten who I am lol (I downloaded the latest viewer two update and since then everything has been ??)... 
You'd think the amount of time that I am in world they might remember me lol!!! I always thought Rudh was fairly memorable - maybe not now I am looking at it, lol, maybe she is just another of SL's Barbie Minions!!!
LOL - If name bubbles were actually thought bubbles then this picture would be rather appropriate, especially from the old days when a response from Rudh was often 'HUH?'

See SL remembers everyone else lol - it remembered the Crumpet - but not me *pouts*
I can still see who all my gorgeous friends are when they are on or offline so that is ok... but just looking at the name bubble the other day made me giggle...

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