Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rez Arcs

Wow I seem to be blogging a lot at the moment, not that any of it means anything but I think the blogging bug has hit me kinda hard... I love doing it - lol! 
Today's post... REZ ARCS... I will admit that I have always been an avid profile perv, yet fairly recently I have begun perving at people's rez arcs... 
Due to all the treasure hunting and fun events that have been catching my attention this month, having a low rez arc has been a high priority for me... Dont get me wrong I love to try and make my barbie look purdy but at the same time I wanna reduce my arc by doing things like wearing less prims and having little if anything scripted on... 
BUT, OMG yesterday I was cruising around on one of the many treasure hunts I was doing and I spotted a woman with a HUGE REZ ARC... 
What is making her rez arc so high?
Her dress has fluff on it, something you expect with a red dress at Christmas, and she has a mass of hair on her head but I still cant think how her rez arc can be nearly 26,500... The mind boggles... To date, this person has had the highest I have ever seen... Anyone seen higher?

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  1. I have seen higher, I once saw a fox furry with something like 3x that. I don't know HOW she did it, and I was so stunned it never occurred to me to take a photo.

    FYI, although scripts cause server lag (and are therefore not good things to have around in crowds, or when teleporting) they don't contribute to ARC, which is a client-side issue - i.e. the lag is all on your own personal computer. Things that can contribute to ARC are number of prims (but really not very much at all); amount of prim torture; flexi; texture resolution (just DON'T use a high res texture on something tiny which doesn't need it...); lots of different textures - because even if you can't see them, your comp still has to calculate them all; and special texture effects, like bump mapping, shiny, glow etc. I would imagine some of the worst ARC offenders are jewellery - and I bet they're too small to see most of what's contributing to it in the first place :D

    I just realised that girl's nipple is showing :O

    But yeah, I have a hard time seeing how a plain white skirt, be it ever so fluffy, could make that much lag...

    Congratz to you, btw, for looking so demure! ^.~