Saturday, December 11, 2010

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 6!

Tis time my friends to show off my attempt at this weeks colour challenge... I have to admit that when I saw the colour I was more than a little dismayed... alongside purple and pink, yellow is a colour that has very little, if any place in my SL closet! Fledge on the other hand may well have found this colour marginally easier as she is the Gold Dragon (a high number of items in her inventory are in the yellow colour spectrum!) 
So Ladies and Gentlemen... Here it is... 
Week 6...
Week 6: Wearing a hat to protect me from the non-existant winter sunshine!
What did I put on my barbie this week; 
Hair: Magika - Angela
Necklace: [Pink Fuel] - Bottle Charm Necklace
Outfit: The Plastik - Summer Doesn't End Dress (in Sun)

But my first thoughts when I saw the yellow colour come up was SIMPSON... So as promised... 
The 'IM GONNA BE FIRST TO THE SOFA BITCHES" Look (Photoshopped by HellBone Barbosa)

The skin I am wearing is really yellow but for some reason it looks fairly green... I blame it on the carpet! Also, as a side note, as my fandiddlytastic big brother 'so wisely pointed out; 
Zakora Trevellion: lmao, thats brilliant... wheres Hellmer?

Next week - CERISE... Another colour I am TOTALLY dreading...


  1. I'm sorry for having cerise for next week *hides*

  2. You look pretty in yellow :) But don't go using it too often, just cause I'm not around ;p

    I have to ask though... WHAT is that on your nose?

    Cerise is a colour only marginally less awful than snot*cough*chartreuse. I sympathise, but when one needs 52 colours, one is going to delve rather deeply in the barrel..! *g*