Saturday, December 4, 2010

HellBone Barbosa - What to say about you

It is about time that I posted about HellBone... The reason that I have waited until now is that today, December 4th 2010, HellBone and I have been a couple for a whole year!   
Happy Anniversary Sweetie... 
HellBone and I
What a year it has been... It started when I met you while working at the Colosseum of Rock, you were a DJ that I persuaded to sing on voice for everyone in the club! LOL - oh how I wish that you didn't sing! Yet it was as friends that we grew closer and forever after you have remained one of my best friends in the world... 
You listen when I need to rant, you fool about when I need to laugh and you never stop surprising me... You've stood with me through some major ups and downs, but through it all we have come out stronger, closer and on top of it all... 
Oh DramaLlamas along the way... I mean I shall never forget the time a certain ex of yours wanted child support for her two prim blobs (SL Babies - dont get me started on those and the talking tummies they make me LOL! No offence to anyone with one - some of my close friends are SL mummies and daddies!)
You are the first to ever be allowed into my SL Partner Box (sounds rude when you read it hehe) and with damn good reason I think... I couldn't imagine a day without you!

The way you looked back in the day, rocking out at the Colosseum of Rock club!
Lol I am sorry to put this here but I had to... It's just one of the things I love most about you, you aren't afraid to look like a total muppet!
I even braved the house of Clowns for you... Anyone who knows me will know that I'm not fond of clowns (apparently clowns kill!)  
As Fledge said last night, and I do believe she summed it up fairly well, I am done squeezing fruit on supermarket shelves (or in other words, done dating the meh men)... I have found my 'beef tomato', my huge and squishy (not dribbly when bitten) Teddy Bear! It took me a while, but I won't be trading you in any time soon Mr Barbosa!
Ik hou van jou, I love you!


  1. My dear,

    It’s like a dream
    A dream, that’s finally coming true.
    I realise all I ever wanted is you.
    The words you say
    Takes the darkness away
    With you by my side I’ll always find the right way.
    My heart goes ‘bam bam boom’
    Because of you
    Without you, I just don’t know what to do.
    Everywhere I go,
    Whatever I do,
    The whole day I’m thinking about you.
    You stole my heart
    It belongs to you,
    Keep it, and you’ll know, how freaking much I love you.

    Love u With hole my hart and soul for ever !

  2. Aw, that's so sweet. And also the words from Hell :) Happy anniversary to both of you. You're the sweetest and most lovely people I know and I miss you terribly (in RL) and wish we lived closer together.

    *squishes both of you*

  3. I'm a bit late (can't sleep and so, as you have probably noticed by now, am entertaining myself by back-tracking through your blog 8) but I would be remiss if I weren't to add my felicitations.

    Hell, you are an outstanding gentleman who has made my sister very happy, and I am delighted to have you as my brother-in-law. I wish you both many, many more years of the Drama-llama-ding-dong ups and downs that come with a proper relationship LOL! (Hopefully more ups than downs ;) And I hope I'll get to meet you IRL before too long.