Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Ground of the Bone Crusher Expands!

We within the Grounds of the BoneCrusher (home to HellBone and I along with various family members) have now got a new neighbour... REMUS AND IMMA HAVE MOVED IN NEXT DOOR! The Loups de la Lune has taken up residence on the plot next to ours causing a strange mingling of BoneCrusher grounds with grounds of the Werewolf! 
We're taking over the sim one plot at a time - mwhahahaha! It is great to see Remus back gardening, alongside HellBone's green fingers we should soon have a very beautiful, very calming and very enchanting garden to share with friends and family alike... 
Before when it was just Hell and I renting some space!
After now that the Werewolf and the Witch moved in next door!
See how much we take over LOL!!! I live with two expert gardeners now, however they will not be able to thwart my evil plan... I was exploring D-Labs new look mainstore yesterday and I found the most AWESOME fountain ever... I think it should get pride of place in the garden... What do you think? 


  1. Aw, thank you sweetie!!! *snuggles*

    And that fountain... Personally, I think it's made of Awesome! I'm not sure what Remus thinks... I suspect he'll raise his eyebrows, but laugh a little at the sillyness of us girls *shakes head and sniggers*

  2. That fountain is indeed PURE awesome and should be put on a high pedestal right where everyone can see it :D

    And welcome back Imma and Remus! *Snugglehugs the stuffing out of youse both* }:=8~~<