Sunday, September 3, 2017

Punk on the Underground

The Dead side of me is happy, the rainbow sparkles side of me is happy, and now I can get on and share some of my other happiness with everyone... Although at the moment I'm making myself a little down-in-the-dumps as I miss being at home in the UK, and am therefore thinking about planning a trip to visit Ol'Blighty. 
Still least in SL I can unleash some of my crazed Britishness, and am going to do so today while I take a ride on a tube train through London. Of course I'm not just going to sit normally while I ride in the train, OH NO lol, I'm going for a train ride London Punk Style!!!
The Rewind event is almost coming to a close now, you have until September 10th to get in an grab any last minute goodies that you may have missed, but I couldn't help myself taking some time to share in the Punk attitude. I LOVE Punk music, and I love the style of dress too, I wish I was braver in RL or I'd wear more of it myself... In SL though I can and will, so today that's what I'm going to do... As you can see! 
The outfit is an amalgamation of things including a gorgeous punk set called Vivienne from Dead Dollz - available at Rewind - and then went to town adding all kinds of Punkish accessories... Some awesome Punk Sunglasses from Ama hidden a little behind the fringe of this fierce looking [LCKY] Hair, ripped stockings and a handy place for her ciggies even, but my most favourite accessorising piece has to be my little friend. 
My favourite item is this AMAZEBALLS CUREMORE Punk Rat Gal... This is a gacha item along with the stockings and choker that I'm wearing, but she's not a rare item so possibly easier to get!? 
So let's ride the Underground and sing... GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!! Not the anthem variety... The one with Johnny Rotten! 

What is she wearing;
Ears: DirtyStories - Crappy Minnie Headband 
Hair: [LCKY] - Ghost in Rose Pack (Available until September 10th at Rewind
Glasses: Ama - Punk Sunglasses (Available until September 10th at Rewind
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Choker, Mouse & Stocking: CUREMORE - Punk Chick (Available until September 10th at Rewind)
Armband: DirtyStories - Cigarettes Armband 
Outfit: Dead Dollz - Vivienne Outfit in #2 Black Top (Available until September 10th at Rewind
Pose: Signature Pose - Two Fux 
Background: FOXCITY - Photo Booth in Destination:London 

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