Monday, May 15, 2017

She's totally Miss Understood!

Ugh I think I'm having one of those weeks at the moment, and the week has only just started. I find myself feeling lost and confused and bored all at once, with no real direction as to what I want to do with myself or the time that I have... I start something then get bored and move to another task with no real focus and it's beginning to drive me nuts! I think being stuck at home doesn't help, I'm not used to it anymore after working as much as I did, and now rather than enjoying sitting behind my PC playing around in Second Life I find myself itching to go out into the Real World. Maybe I'm complaining too much... I just feel a bit strange... A little lost and maybe somewhat misunderstood... 
Rudh is joining in on the Misunderstood feeling, only she is taking things literally... Miss Understood, is about right for Rudh and she definitely deserves to win the title of Miss Understood LOL... She's so confusing sometimes with her multiple personalities and characters, that even I have trouble understanding where she is LOL... 
Taken at the WHOLE WHEAT sim after her coronation as Miss Understood, it's kinda easy to see why Rudh may have won. She's dressed in a very pretty outfit - available from Oubliette at anyBody this month - but there are indications of things that show she's not just a pretty face and that there is a lot more craziness beneath the surface. A glaringly obvious example of that is that she's looking a little bonier these days... 
I LOVE these bone parts, they are a Sliced Torso from CURELESS and oh my gosh as soon as I saw them I HAD to have them.  You too can get some, they are available until May 27th at Memento Mori!! 
There's just one more thing that I probably should add here as a side note away from my ramblings. The pose that I've used is a bit of an amalgamation. It's a Signature Pose called "I'll Try" but I wanted to show a little love as she just won the Miss Understood Crown so I actually used the Image Essentials Hand Heart AO Companion which made the hands into the heart shape. I hope I'm not going to get into trouble for mixing up pose stores like this but it just worked so well together, and it shows that the Hand Heart AO looks great however it's used!! 
She's beauty and she's grace... She's totally Miss Understood!!! 

What is she wearing;
Tiara: Blueberry - Iconic Doll Tiara in #29 Silver 
Hair: TRUTH - Kare (May Group Gift) 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Collar: Wimey - Slut Collar 
Sash: [Commoner] - Pageant Sash in Miss Understood 
Outfit: Oubliette - Fiona Outfit in Toffee (Available until May 31st at anyBody
Skeleton Parts: CURELESS - Sliced Torso in Bone (Available until May 27th at Memento Mori
Pose: Signature Pose - I'll Try, Pose Set 26 
Hand Pose: Image Essentials - Hand Heart AO Companion 

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