Thursday, May 4, 2017

Time Flies Chaotically

Time flies! It's a phrase I'd heard a lot when I was younger but never fully believed! People always say "Time Flies when you're having fun" yet as I'm getting older, it seems that whether I'm having fun or not time is flying by. It doesn't feel like long ago that it was Christmas, and now it's already May and I'm getting ready for the super exciting family trip this weekend! More about that later, but while we're on the subject of time flying, I'll share a little hint and an awesome collection with you...
This look is one that belongs in Wonderland. OK so maybe it's not a true Wonderlandian Character but I kinda feel like a role could be created for her, just because she fits the style and idea. 
The backdrop is this gorgeous photo location at WHOLE WHEAT, that's all about Wonderland, and it just all seemed to fit together perfectly. 
The dress she is wearing is a Blueberry Cocodoll in Sky, that is available from The Epiphany. Though that isn't the only Epiphany in this picture. The entire reason that this look came about is all because of the store DISORDERLY. For the latest round of The Epiphany - which runs until May 15th - Disorderly have created a gacha collection called "Chaotic Clockwork". Shown here are the Halo, Head and one of the Cages, but there are other things in the collection that I couldn't show like a trapped clock cage, a cane, wings and tiaras! 
Such a pretty collection, but remember time flies and you don't want too miss it, catch it before it's too late! 

What is she wearing;
Clock Parts: DISORDERLY - CHAOTIC CLOCKWORK Gacha Items in Time Spinner Halo RARE, Clockhead Female RARE & Time Flies in Gold (Available until May 15th at The Epiphany
Dress: Blueberry - Cocodoll Set in Dress Sky (Available until May 15th at The Epiphany
Pose: Image Essentials - Sultry V2 Pose 7 

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