Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I'm Like 300% Tired!

Oh my gosh, the weekend just flew by and I'm now back home... I'm absolutely exhausted, but truly happy as I had a very magical - although there were a few hiccups - weekend. We celebrated my parents 40th wedding anniversary at EuroDisney as a family, and although the weather was a bit on the crap side - not mentioning the other hiccups - we all had a wonderful time. I've always loved how Disney makes things feel magical. I wore a huge grin, and even got a little emotional at certain points but after 2 days in the Magical Park and a 7 hour drive home, I find myself feeling totally and utterly shattered!! 
I wish I could just spend the day sleeping, but that would be a waste of a day wouldn't it?! I have to get my lazy butt into gear and keep moving or I will not be able to walk again after the walking that we did in the last two days LOL... Though sleep really does sound much nicer right now! 
I'm so RL tired that it's even affecting poor Rudh! She wasn't allowed to go to Disneyland and now she has to suffer the tiredness too LOL... Still for her lazing around in her PJs all day today will be a little more acceptable! 
You have to love her PJs, they are a combination of some Cozy Shorts from Reign and this awesome slogan printed Messy Sleeper Shirt from [Fetch]. I was kind enough to let her have some Minnie Mouse Ears after my trip though so it wasn't all mean of me. 
I'm so sleepy I'm going to wish upon a star and will hopefully feel more alive in the morning! 

What is she wearing; 
Ears: [Auxiliary] - Gacha Mouse Ears Bow in Black4 (No Longer Available!)
Hair: Pink Hustler - Disordered Hair II in #5-3 (Available until May 18th at SaNaRae
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Make-Up: Izzie's - Insomnia 
Top: [Fetch] - Messy Sleeper in 300% Shirt 
Shorts: Reign - Cozy Shorts in Cotton #4 
Bed: floorplan - Nap Tub in Polka Dots RARE 

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