Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Music took my Soul all for Horror Haute!

IT'S BAKKKKKK... Horror Haute has been away for a couple of months but it is FINALLY back! Oh Horror Haute I have missed you so LOL... That little double dose of Horror each month that kept my blog away from being full time rainbows, because we all know that without control my brain could lead me down that path! The first of two horrific looks comes complete with a little musical flair - HellBone has been DJing a lot more recently and I think that this photo really seems to sum up the way in which the music that he has been choosing has affected me. I've always said that music is an important food for the soul... Now you can see that the soul of Rudh, overflows with Music hehe... 
Discuss the photo time however, and I want to start with the Horror Haute items hehe... First up we have this gorgeous vintage - by modern standards anyway - radio from Tasty Pudding. This thing actually works as well as looking pretty... The skirt is also a Horror Haute release from Czarny Kanarek, it is their Serial Killer Micro Mini Skirt and well the blood staining just entertained me... You know about me and the blood... So looking at these two things, I had an idea come to mind, especially when I added the pose prop that I chose to use. This prop comes from Captivity Co Poses, for a new event that begins soon called RAFF, and as soon as I opened the box I knew the kind of photo I wanted to create. Something where Rudh - being the not so smart living dead girl that she is - tried to plug in the old with the new and got a bit of a shock hehe... OH and as for her death, well I blame the music... The Devil's Symphony - an old release from Hysteria that is sadly no longer available as the store was closed - just burst from her chest, showing that music is the true food for the soul hehe... 
The rest of the outfit, as always, was just a collection of goodies from my hoard hehe... electrical wire neck wraps from DRD, a Corvus shirt to match the skirts blood spatter and a few icky looking wounds later and TADA!!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: Magika - Rhyme
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item) 
Face Wounds: (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars, AND (Right Cheek) Little Pricks - Stapled Face Tattoo 
Piercings: (Under Eye) Cute Poison - Tsukimi Piercings, AND, Cute Poison - Animus Piercing 2 
Necklaces: Death Row Designs - Post Apocalyptic Nerd Neckwraps in Yellow and Green 
Chest Tattoo & Attachment: Hysteria - The Devil's Symphony (No Longer Available!)
Shirt: Corvus - Bloody Tied Top (Past Fi*Friday Item)
Skirt: Czarny Kanarek - Serial Killer Micro Mini Skirt (HORROR HAUTE MARCH)
Leg Wounds: Hysteria - In Painful Stitches (No Longer Available!)
Pose Prop: Captivity Co Poses -  ReAmped (Available soon for the RAFF Event!) 
Radio: Tasty Pudding - Overlook Hotel (HORROR HAUTE MARCH)

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