Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When all seems Hopeless... A Monday Meme brings you a little Hope!

One of my favourite things to blog has to be the Monday Memes, I've said it before and I will say it again... I love to be a part of the Monday Meme brigade... My blog is something I can have periods of stuggle on but with the help of the Memes, I am able to keep myself focused and moving forward...
But this week our lovely Meme host, Miss Strawberry Singh, needs a bit of a boost herself. Something to help pick her up and help her dust herself off... Nothing we as the blogger community do or say can really help her scars to heal, but we can apply a little salve of love, hugs and support to try to make her feel better in the healing process... Gosh I really hope that doesn't sound too patronising!
The Monday Meme this week is hosted by Berry's favourite thorn in her side, Mr Winter Jefferson, who has asked us about how we found our hope in times of pain, so that hopefully we can help Berry feel just that little bit less alone!
OK, its going to be a hard one, but already tears have been brought to my eyes just looking through the comments to this one already up on Berry's blog...
One of the hardest times of my life was during my University years, and involves the death of one of my best friends - and to be frank the most humanitarian person I have ever know in RL... My darling friend Carito, the girl who wanted to be a pirate when she grew up - spent months going backwards and forwards to the doctors with stomach pains. She was told it was Irritable Bowel Syndrome, was passed medications and told to come back if it didn't go away. After six months, and changing her doctor on 3 seperate occasions, they discovered that it was bowel cancer, which had spread into her throat. This was devastating news, if they'd discovered it sooner then she could still be with us today, but they reasoned at the time they never checked for cancer because she was only 28! Like cancer is an age restricted illness or something?! We all gathered around to make the good memories that will be with us forever - as a team we helped her achieve her goals including finishing her degree with us and being able to be pushed across the stage in her wheelchair to collect her certifications, and although we knew it was coming, the day the phone call went round was a day that sticks in my mind like a stabbing pain always.
After her death, I spent a few days in hiding... I lounged in my PJs, I cried at Disney Movies, and I cuddled my favourite stuffed toy, not wanting to voice my feelings. Then we were called to her memorial... Her family wanted to keep her funeral totally private - only 20 people were present in a tiny chapel in the middle of the Yorkshire Moors - but I joined with all of my friends and her family at the greatest memorial ceremony I have ever seen... It was beautiful and filled with hope! In the middle of forest - a shaded glen - we were allowed to plant flowers for her alongside an stone cairn style bench... The music and the laughter drifted on the breeze, and there was a real sense of peace and hope.... That for me was a time in which I felt like desolation and isolation personified but after that moment the little sparkle of hope took hold and got bigger.
Berry, no matter how alone and unhappy you feel right now, no matter how much you want to bury yourself under a fluffy duvet with just your teddybear for company, no matter how dark things seem around you, please remember that old cliche... Every cloud has a silver lining! Soon you will be able to ride that cloud and sparkle in the sunshine once again, with people like Winter around I am sure that will happen before you know it, and even though you feel blue now - and you're allowed to, you're more than justified - just never forget how many people see you as a vibrant, intelligent, beautifully brilliant person that should hold her head up high and sing and dance like no one is watching...

What is she wearing;
Antlers: Half Deer - Aternum Antlers in Constellation (Past Arcade Item)
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  1. I can't even imagine what you went through knowing and watching your friend slowly pass away. But reading how you all helped her achieve many goals before she did just brought so many tears to my eyes. What a painfully wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing and for all the supportive words. <3