Monday, February 3, 2014

Dreams are what SL is made of...

Everywhere you look in SL you are surrounded by dreams and the imaginings of other people. The full sims, to the smallest builds are all the dreams and art of those who create them. Some are filled with fairytale romance, others are dark and twisted, and there are a myriad of different things in between... But each of these is a little work of art in it's own way.
For me personally, this is one of my favourite things about SL, I love seeing each little artwork brought to life - everyone's avatar, all of the creations and all of the sims make SL one of the most interesting virtual realities in my opinion. So when I heard about an event based on art, dreams and fairytales I knew I wouldn't be able to steer clear, and as of last night I am willing to tell anyone who will listen that the setting for The Surreal Complex is well worth a look, even if you aren't in a shopping mood!
The fact that I stumbled upon this event, is all due to Miss Nimil Blackflag - owner of SongBird, who sent me a set of her items for the event. The Seer's Eyes, can be picked up in the dreams section of the event, and come in a set of mesh eyes for the head and the hands and are available in four different gorgeous colours. The colours are one of the things I love most about these eyes... They are like gemstones in their brightness,  and well you know me, I love to play around with things that are a little different... Hands in the eyes is definitely a little different hehe... Of course that lead to the entire look being a little different LOL...
I was sent the hunt prize item from ImmateriA for the new Tainted Love Hunt too, and decided that I wanted to feature part of that with this look... the hunt prize has both male and female prizes but it was the props from these prizes that I randomly decided to include. The cage comes from the female - or Jarinda - prize and the male - or Joringel - prize of the feathers... I didn't know before though but the story of Jarinda and Joringel is a Grimm fairytale about a witch who turns maidens into birds... It is very pretty and Naenia Demina - ImmateriA's owner - has really pulled the story into her prize items well...
I then went to town on decorating myself lol... I wanted a sexy looking outfit, hence my outfit being made up of a pale pink lace bra - from SAKIDE as part of the Vintage Glam outfit - and a simple but striking necklace that could be used as a warning from Cute Poison. It was the make-up and body parts that I went to town on however... First and possibly most obvious would have to be the amazing Moth Antennae from Lovely Alien. These are worth raving about! They come in two very slightly different styles and the most amazing part... THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE! I then teamed the moth thing with some brilliant glow in the dark teeth from Gauze called Nightmare. I believe these were released at last years Horror Fest, I cannot remember now but my goodness there is so much you can do with them, they can be coloured into any different combination you want! Lastly I started to apply the make-up... The War Paint came first - unfortunately this particular paint is no longer available as the creator has moved on and started working on other things, but then I re-discovered the eye-shadow and eyelashes called Ankoku from [ni.ju]... They were just perfect for finishing off my somewhat mothy look hehe...  

What is she wearing;
Antenna: Lovely Alien - Moth Antennae (Freebie on the Marketplace)
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Jade in Crystal Pink
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy Skin in America 09 (Past Arcade Item)
Eyes: SongBird - Seer's Eyes (Available now at The Surreal Complex)
Make-Up: (Gray Eyeshadow & Eyelashes) [ni.ju] - Ankoku, AND, (White Body Paint) YaYo - War Paint (No Longer Available!)
Mouth: [Gauze] - Nightmare
Necklace: Cute Poison - Poison Necklace in Silver (Available Now at Suicide Dollz)
Bra: SAKIDE - Vintage Glam in Pink
Feathers & Cage: ImmateriA - Jarinda and Joringel (Part of the Tainted Love Hunt)
Pose: HelaMiyo - Look in the Sky Pose 5

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