Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Visit to the Swamp

You might have heard me mention the Gators before now, and no doubt you will hear them being mentioned again but this is a post that was started in my brain by one of them. Angel came to me a few weeks ago to see if it would be OK for his friend Charyssi to come and take some photos of the clubhouse - the Gators MC home space - and the surrounding swamp, he even bribed me by showing me some of her other work - but I was more than willing to let anyone come in and enjoy the space.
For those of you that have never been to our home land, it is a relaxed and cosy feeling swamp with lots of places to explore, for those of you that know the land you might be in for a surprise as HellBone and Remus have been busy working their green fingers and have made a few rather gorgeous alterations - YAY Mesh that's all I can say!
So I have spoken to Charyssi and been given permission to share some of her amazing photos - I loaded the full set of photos onto the Gator blog seeing as they are focused on the area around the clubhouse - but I just wanted to share my personal favourite here and make sure that people check out her other amazing photos on her flickr photostream.

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