Friday, November 5, 2010

I know they're late lol

Had to put some pictures of our little Halloween Party up for those of you that were either there, and thus want to remember the awesomeness of it all, or those of you that weren't able to make it and have been told how awesome it was... 
Fledge and Pama Dancing... Pama in his fab creation of a goo girl with attachments (if you haven't seen them check them out as they are awesome, brilliant once again Pamallama) and Fledge modelling what I think is a flower, but I could be wrong lol... We had a bit of a guessing game amongst people that arrived early as to what she would turn up in... NO-ONE guessed this! LOL

Smoozle and Infy - Two soft fuzzywuzzies

Miss Lola proves once again that she is a style Icon, this seems to be a trend with Lola... I don't think that I have ever seen her looking bad... and I will be making grabby hands for her necklace... thats GORGE!

Talking of GORGE... One of a small collection I have (or is that had?) turned up... This was a shocker, but was good to have you there Sevvie the Smexy Elfie!

A family that likes to PARTAY together, we've always been pretty good at the partying!

OMFG - this picture just proves that Hell is one of the family... LOL... Fledge decided to shapeshift into a different creature (this time it was a creature from the deep) and as we all know shapeshifting makes you hungry, so as Hell and she danced, she officially welcomed him into the family by eating his head!! LOL!!
All in all another fab family affair... There were people missing, but the notice was short, like a lot of the time it seemed to be a rather impromtu affair... Thank you to Hell though for doing the decorating and the DJing (especially since your hard-drive broke and all your music was on it *kisses*)...  
Not sure what we will be doing for the next holiday, although no holiday is as much fun as HALLOWEEN!

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