Friday, November 26, 2010

Pictures by Crumpet!

As you may have guessed by now, I am not the world's best photographer, I take pictures of things I like and random suchness (though I seem to be getting a bit better at taking pics of myself - does that make me sound vain lol)... Yet if I want to get a decent picture done, one that gets photoshopped and played around with so that I actually look good rather than a bit meh I will turn to a friend!! 

The Crumpet and her hubby - that's Miss Vix Miggins (dj, photographer, geordie confuscious extraordinaire) and Mr Vix Miggins (lol I mean McLovin McMahn) - have decided to take their brilliant photography skills from just hobbies that created awesome pics for friends, to spreading their artistic cleverosity into the rest of SL by opening up a studio... Ladies and Gentlemen introducing the awesomesauce Photo Studio... PIXEL2LIFE STUDIOS...

I wanted a new Profile Pic... Miss Vix delivered... 
By Miss Miggins (Friday, November 26, 2010)
With loads of poses to choose from, I was in and out of the studio before I could blink... 
Vix Miggins: i love this pose for u
Rudhmellowen Laguna: lol why
Vix Miggins: its like "im gunna rip ur fucking head off and look pretty doing it"
She was efficient, knew exactly what she wanted and the outcome was delivered to me within an hour... FLIPPIN BRILLIANT!

Some important information about Pixel2Life Studios... (taken straight from their official notecard!)
Hello, we here at Pixel Studio's offer a wide variety of professional services. Ranging from Modeling Photo's, Profile Pictures, Couples, Groups Pic's. Weddings and special events, Photo Morphs, and more.  We also offer props, and load's of poses.
400L per Single, 1000L for Three, Ask for additional rates on multiple pictures, morphs and weddings. 

Check them out on Flicker:
Vix Miggins:
McLovin McMahn:

YOU ROCK CRUMPET - Butter loves ya lots... Just keep taking those pics, I have watched you photo skills go from strength to strength, oh and btw... Congrats on the upcoming plan to renew your vows with Mr You... You both deserve it muchly! *hugs tight*

GET YOUR PICS DONE BY PIXEL2LIFE - one day you never know they might actually come to life and reach outta the screen to give you a BIG KISS lol...

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