Saturday, November 27, 2010

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 4!

Well... I am awake in RL obscenely early for a Saturday morning this week... HellBone had to go to work and thus I got woken up... I was gonna crawl back into my bed and hide under the duvet like a sane person might, but then I thought NO lol I wanna see what colour comes next... (that and I wanted to see the picture that Vixxy had made for my banner - see up there ^!) 
Luckily Luna has posted the colour challenge for next week... I am feeling fairly optimistic about that one... it seems like an easier colour compared to the two previous colours. I am not one for wearing pastels - lol - especially those in the purple colour range... 
BUT - drumroll please - as promised, RUDHMELLOWEN IN PLUM lol... 

Week 4... 
Week 4: SHHHHHHHHH I know Purple and Rudh is shocking for me too!
What is she wearing? I hear you ask (lol what will she be putting in a dark corner of her closet after this week's post? is more the question I am thinking of)
Hair: *HoM* (House of Munster) - Lola
Necklace: KOSH - Enigma
Outfit: Icewerk - Josie

Pale Purple and Rudh (in fact any purple and Rudh) was really hard... though I think that next weeks colour should be easier for me... at least I hope it's easier or I might have to break the rule:
 (from Luna's Blog) Oh there’s a rule to this color challenge: You’re not allowed to kill me. This rule is in effect at all times and especially during week 5.
Next Week - SEPIA


  1. Plummy Rudh isn't that bad ... lol ... tho I admit that the red/black in your new banner is definately more your style ;-)
    But at least you already got your plum-post
    I'm still preparing mine, wonder if I get it done before xmas ;-P

  2. If you kill me you're out of the challenge (nottalking) <333