Thursday, February 7, 2019

Free Kisses for Starry Valentines

February is often seen as the month of the Valentines...
Everywhere you look there's hearts and flowers and far too much pink for my liking. I've never been keen on Valentines Day - why can't it be Halloween already?!- yet I guess since the dark and macabre lovers get a special day, so should those who love the hearts and gooey sweetness. 
In recent years, romance has never really been much of thing for me. For those of you that don't know, I met HellBone in Second Life over 9 years ago - this year we've been married for 5 years in RL - but we've gotten to that point where for us at least, love is less gooey mushy and more lovingly supportive. I couldn't be without him, but I like days when I'm not with him too, if you know what I mean... Though I will say, trying to get HellBone to do anything remotely romantic is a struggle - a conventional Valentine's themed picture was out of the question for example - then I had an idea... 
Dressed as Padme Amidala, with the assistance of the Storm Troopers and Battle Droids - I set the stage right in the middle of the TIE docking bay of the Death Star - a home made booth for Free Kisses... "If this doesn't get me some Valentine's attention, nothing will!" 
This was actually the backdrop for HellBone's Birthday Party with a few modifications to design and costume! A Photo Pose Prop from Secret Poses became the Kissing booth I needed, a place to offer Darth a few "Free Kisses" for Valentines Day! 
Whoever it is that you're hoping to get Valentines from this year, I really hope you have to go to less effort than my craziness...Least I finally got him to notice me!! 

What are they wearing;
Outfit (Including EVERYTHING Worn): Curemore - Star Gals Gacha Items (Curemore is a collaboration between MoonAmore & Cureless)
Outfit: H&C - Darth Vadar (No Longer Available!)
Pose & Prop: Secret Poses - FREE KISSES (Available until February 8th at Sense)
Backdrop: H&C Wheels - Various Decor Items

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