Friday, June 10, 2011

Having a craving...

Cravings have been driving me nuts today, I have been on a desperate search in our kitchen cupboards and found nothing to calm my sweet tooth and OK I'm not technically on a diet but I shouldn't be raiding the cupboards like a mad woman... 
I got lucky, however, I needed something to do to rid myself of these cravings, and so I dragged my butt into SL and decided to dress-up both taking my mind off food and at the same time giving me a giggle about my cravings...
The outcome:
Can you tell what kinda food I was craving as I dug about in the cupboards?? Some thanks must be given out to the bakers who helped me beat said craving... Concrete Flowers for the plateful, Acid&Mala for the Dress, BC322 for my wig and Canimal for my Donuts that I am currently wearing as jewellery but secretly stashing for later LOL... MMMMMM uh oh, Craving is BACK!!!


  1. Mmmmm...Donuts! I woke up today craving donuts and coffee. Your not alone! LOL