Saturday, June 18, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 33!

Week 33 rolled around and for the first time since, well since ages, I kinda felt more than a little uninspired... The colour that has come up seems to bring to my mind images of aging furniture... I used to be surrounded by furniture of this type when I was working as part of my studies at a number of historical manor houses, owned by the National Trust and English Heritage, that are spread across the UK and contain furniture that looks like it could have come from an antique furniture store similar to IKEA as the majority of pieces look the same! 
I needed to think of something that actually made me wanna try to put a look together, so in desperation I threw open my freebie clothing folder where I have a stash of things waiting to be filed away in the warehouse, a folder that I have been neatly adding too on the off chance that I want something in a certain colour, believe me it has been a lifesaver in this challenge! I pulled open the brown folder and began adding clothes to a Maybe and a No pile, referring frequently to Luna's blog for the swatch, and then I found it!!! It is PERFECT and its making me hungry lol... 
Week 33...
Week 33: I have chocolate on the brain!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: .ploom. - Farrah
Skin: *Something Different* - Amethyst Skin
Outfit: (including all ruffles, hair bow, gloves and stockings) Ruru Pino - Chocolat au Rhum (past hunt prize)
Shoes: Ladies who Lunch - Cupcake Shoe
Chocolate Bar: Triadtown

I found this dress in the deep recesses of my warehouse and it made me think of Cadbury's Chocolate, hence the purple skin!
Next Week - Mauve


  1. Mmmm.... A chocolate covered Rudh!

  2. Neuhaus girl!!!!!

  3. I don't know weather to eat you or tell you how pretty you the outfit and the purple skin is awesome..great job this week Rudh:)

  4. Creative and so cool my friend. And this reminds me of the chocolate truffles I hid from myself earlier in the week..that I will now be locating in the next few mins. Funny, how a girl can't remember where we put our keys, but we know where that chocolate is!! HAHHAA! xoxo

  5. One can never go wrong with chocolate! Good job~

  6. Love the way you wrapped your cadbury body in chocolate! Great idea.

  7. Oooh! You went pretty psycho too!!
    Loves the chocolate and lavenderish look :P

  8. So creative!!! I love that outfit and purple becomes you!

  9. Yummy, you look good enough to eat! Great job hun! Now I'm off to find some chocolate for myself.

  10. I'm stuck on mahogany, but maybe I'll be more inspired thinking it's really chocolate. The chocolate river in Willy Wonka was a reddy-brown shade!

  11. Oooo Yummy Chocolate Rudh!!! You look tastefully sinful!!!

  12. mmmmhhhh ... you know you're mean when you're throwing on chocolate ... makes me sooooo hungry ;-P
    very tasty pic ;-)))

  13. Cupcake shoes!!! OMG what a great find!!! <333