Saturday, June 11, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - WEEK 32!

WEEK 32 means that there is ONLY 20 WEEKS LEFT, what the heck are we gonna do from here??
I don't wanna think about a time when I am gonna have to start actually working out what to blog for myself again, so I am keeping my head focused on the pretty colours... 
This week's colour is something that suggests to me a feel of beauty, and history, I don't know why but I have put it down to the travels that I have been lucky enough to have embarked upon! Deeply involved with Asian art and culture, the stone that this colour is based on varies so dramatically, yet it is not just associated with Asia. During University I was able to travel to New Zealand, home of the Maori who refer to the stone as Pounamu and treat it as a treasure! I knew as soon as the colour came out that I wanted to do something reflecting that for my photo series, it took me a while, and MANY combinations of hair and clothing before getting a look that I was happy with, I just fell in love with the facial tattoo art when I found it on the marketplace and bam! that was it I HAD to try out this look! 
Week 32... 
Week 32: Watching a training video to learn how to do the Haka! Didn't wanna pull the face, was afraid the wind might change LOL!
What is she wearing; 
Hair: .ploom. - Lila (past gift)
Tattoo: HUZ Tats - Hunapo
Lipstick: KOSH - Wet Lips
Necklace: Beadrez - Jade Swirl Pendant necklace
Top: ::BirdNextDoor:: - Green Top
Bracelet: Tekeli-li - Ouroboros Bracelet

Next Week - Mahogany...


  1. Your blog is so interesting, ty for enlightining me on the stone from New Zealand! Love the face tattoo as well, and you hit jade perfectly. XoXO

  2. Did you finally learn to do the Haka? :p

  3. Such a great idea! I agree, jade has too many cultural associations to bypass as just a colour. <3

  4. Great tattoos! I was lucky enough to be able to visit a jade factory when I was in China many years ago. The jewelry was pretty, but it was the statues were so detailed and stunning. It was impressive to be able to watch the crafters work.

  5. Careful there! Women don't do the haka. It is male only activity originally for warriors to intimidate the enemy.

    I went with pounamu too. Great choice! Ka pai!

  6. Simply.... AWESOME! :D

  7. cool! I didn't know hat about the Maori!

  8. Awesome! I got a great pic and a history lesson - you're always full of interesting tidbits Rudh :)

  9. Fantastic post!! You have captured jade in not only color but culturally as it!!!

  10. This is fantastic Rudh! I love the tattoos!

  11. Very badass!!! It rocks :)

  12. Wooot hello boobies! LOL Nice moves! hehe