Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today I was playing around with my latest favourite toy from Intrigue Co... A Rideable Rubber Duckie available from Depraved Dealers. I LOVE the things that Intrigue Co's owner, Miss Katharine McGinnis, creates, I love to be able to play with toys that I couldn't have in RL and that includes this creation... 
As I was messing about, riding my giant rubber duckie, wearing my jammies and curling my hair in a Lady Gaga-esque fashion, I also set about doing some Spring Cleaning of my inventory warehouse. I happened to rez two soaps and BOOM, it was like an explosion in a bubble machine! Hell wasn't very impressed as the bubbles were nuts and blocked his view of the bike he was building, but DAMN I couldn't waste the opportunity to make some pictures... 
I just love the effect of the bubbles, the way that they appear to warp the way things look just like real bubbles!!! I think that these soaps with their bubble explosions may come out again in the future LOL!


  1. It is a beautiful mix of colors. I love the playful feeling your pic gives. It made me smile. xoxo

  2. Now I have Ernie from Seasame Street in my head singing " rubber ducky your the one..."..LOL great pic Rudh..the bubbles do give it a really fun effect!